The concept behind this piece places the warm tone and agile character of the clarinet in opposition to the unforgiving and repetitive nature of a click track. Early on in the piece, the clarinet is limited to only a single pitch as it establishes a rhythmic and dynamic agility that sits in stark contrast to the static electronics. As the piece develops, the clarinet introduces its own internal dichotomy as it begins to break away from the single pitch idea and instead slowly reveals the impressive range of the instrument. Meanwhile, the development of the electronics is restricted to primarily timbral effects. It is not until later in the piece that the electronic part unveils a sub-bass tone, derived from a slowed down click, and a continuous high-pitched rhythm, derived from a sped up click, that provides a full, sustained texture. At which point, the clarinet both enhances the gesture, by using its full range, and contrasts it, by inhabiting a spontaneous, less constant rhythmic world. As this energy is dissipated and the piece comes to a close, the instruments briefly retreat into the introductory content, all while maintaining their dichotomy.


Composition Details

Completed in 2014 and premiered on November 16th, 2014 by Derek Bermel at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum in Ithaca, NY.



Clarinet and Tape



~5 minutes


Performer: Derek Bermel


Score Link

Score Available Here